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Outdoor Sofas and Chairs – Are They Weatherproof?
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Outdoor Sofas and Chairs – Are They Weatherproof?

Whether you are in the market for a large outdoor sofa or an array of garden chairs, it’s important to choose furniture that is weatherproof. Otherwise, you are likely to find that your comfy outdoor seating or your outdoor furniture set will quickly become damaged. Luckily, there are a lot of outdoor sofas and chairs that are weatherproof. This means they can withstand wind, rain and sunlight. 

The Most Popular Types of Garden Seating

With so many different types of garden seating and furniture to choose from, knowing which option is right for you can be tough. This is why it’s important to compare the various materials, types and styles available. 

  • Aluminium Garden Furniture – A lot of people opt for aluminium garden furniture, as it has a modern and stylish look. However, the fact that it’s durable and long lasting makes it a practical choice also. As aluminium does not rust, there is no need to worry about keeping your garden furniture outside during bad weather. Outdoor furniture made with aluminium also has the benefit of being lightweight, and therefore it’s easy to store when it’s not in use.
  • Wicker Garden Furniture – Wicker is a long lasting, lightweight and weatherproof material. This makes it a good option for garden seating, as it can withstand regular and frequent use. Plus, being lightweight makes it easy to manoeuvre and store in a shed. Wicker also does a good job of withstanding sunlight and humidity, as well as rain and wind. Other than a standard amount of cleaning, wicker garden furniture generally requires very little care and attention from you. 
  • Wooden Garden Furniture – There is no denying the popularity of wooden garden furniture. This is largely to do with the classic and traditional design, one that works well in a variety of different gardens and landscapes. Plus, wooden garden furniture is long lasting, making it a good investment. It’s strong, sturdy and durable. Though not all wooden outdoor sofas and chairs are completely weatherproof, a lot of them can be treated to ensure they are rain and wind resistant.
  • Plastic Garden Furniture – More and more people are opting for plastic garden furniture, and this is largely due to how affordable it is. Plastic furniture is easy to care for, easy to clean and it’s relatively durable. This means that it’s likely to stand the test of time, with minimal input from you, and it won’t break the bank. There is no shortage of plastic garden furniture to choose from, ranging from circular garden sofas to comfy outdoor seating. Though plastic garden furniture does tend to fade in direct sunlight, it’s not easily damaged by rain or wind.

How to Protect Garden Sofa and Chair Sets

If you want to ensure that your garden furniture lasts as long as possible, there are a few things you can do in terms of protection. Though it’s difficult to keep garden furniture away from less than ideal weather at all times, there are certain things you can do to keep it looking and functioning its best. 

  • Clean Garden Sofas Regularly – Regardless of how little or often you use your garden sofa and chair sets, all outdoor furniture accumulates dirt and debris over time. In order to keep everything properly protected and looking its best, it’s important to clean your garden furniture regularly. This doesn’t need to be a time consuming or complex task, and a simple wash with soapy water will usually suffice. 
  • Keep Outdoor Furniture Sets in the Shade – Though a lot of outdoor sofas and chairs are weatherproof, they can fade and lose their colour over time when left in direct sunlight. To avoid this, keep your garden furniture in the shade as much as possible. By blocking the UV rays with shade or an umbrella, there’s no risk of sun damage. 
  • Use a Outdoor Furniture Protector on Garden Chairs – A lot of people underestimate the impact the sun can have on garden furniture, and even weatherproof sofas and chairs can fade over time if they are left in direct sunlight. To protect them, consider investing in a specialist protector. There are a number of outdoor furniture protectors that work in a similar way to sun cream.
  • Keep an Eye on the Weather – Though it’s not always possible to predict the weather, planning ahead can help you to protect your outdoor sofa and chair sets. If you know that rain and wind are likely, consider moving your furniture inside or covering it before the bad weather hits. Though furniture covers rarely protect furniture from the wind, they do protect furniture from heat and rain. By keeping furniture away from bad weather as much as possible, there is less chance of it becoming damaged. 

Though outdoor sofas and chairs spend the majority of their time outside, that doesn’t mean you can’t protect them from weather damage. Whether you opt for strong and sturdy wooden furniture or modern and trendy aluminium furniture, there are things you can do to ensure it lasts as long as possible.



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