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Furnishing Small Rooms & Flats

Furnishing Small Rooms & Flats

A lot of people feel overwhelmed when it comes to furnishing small rooms and flats. It’s not surprising, when you consider how difficult it can be to fit a lifetime of belongings into a small space with limited storage. Luckily, there are a number of ways to make the most of any small space. Remember, having a small room doesn’t mean you have to go without. 

Small Living Room Furniture and Design Ideas

  • Use Mirrors and Reflective Accessories – Many people believe that reflective objects are solely suitable for modern interiors, and that’s not always the case. Reflective and metallic objects are a terrific way to add comfort and the illusion of more space to any type of room. This also applies to mirrors, as they add colour and light to a space and may even make it appear larger than it is.
  • Choose a Colour Scheme – There is always the risk of a small room looking busy, chaotic and crowded, but choosing a simple colour scheme and sticking to it can make a big difference. A continuous colour scheme throughout is an effective way to make a small room or living space appear larger and less cluttered. It’s also a good idea to choose light and bright colours, as darker colours tend to make a room feel smaller than it actually is.
  • Add Floating Shelves – If you are having trouble finding a place to keep your books, ornaments, trinkets, and other odds and ends, you might want to consider floating shelves. Floating shelves are the ideal way to keep things safe, while displaying them and without having to find space for a large cabinet. They are also quick and straightforward to install, meaning you can add them whenever you need to. 
  • Look for Inspiration Elsewhere – There are a lot of places to go for inspiration, including home design shops and social media. By taking the time to check out what other people have done with their small rooms and flats, you can get an idea of what could work in your home.  It’s a great way to find out what works and what doesn’t, and to see design ideas you might not have thought of yourself. 
  • Utilise Under Bed Storage – There are two types of under bed storage available, and both create additional storage in a space that is often forgotten about. You can either get a bed with built-in under bed storage, which is often the most convenient option, or you can invest in storage tubs. This is a good alternative if you currently have a bed that you love that doesn’t yet need replacing, but you need additional storage space. All you need to do is fill the tubs with whatever you need to store and hide them away under the bed.

Bedroom Furniture for Small Rooms

If you have a small room, you will know how difficult it can be to find bedroom furniture that utilises the space well. You don’t want to be overwhelmed with a large bed and lots of shelves, and you won’t want any space to go to waste. This is why it’s a good idea to consider buying a sofa bed, divan bed or ottoman bed. They all utilise space well and have more than one function, which reduces the amount of other furniture that needs to be bought. 

  • Sofa Beds – Sofa beds come in extremely handy for small rooms and flats, especially if you are struggling to find adequate space for both a sleeping and seating area. During the day, a sofa bed is there to act as a comfortable place to read a book or relax. At night, it quickly and simply transforms into somewhere to sleep. This instantly saves on space and money, as there is no need to buy two separate pieces of furniture. Sofa beds are also extremely useful if you want somewhere for guests to stay, but you don’t have a spare room.
  • Divan Beds – If you are lacking in storage space, divan beds are well worth considering. These are beds with built in storage space, meaning you can keep clutter out of sight. Too much clutter in a small room can make the space feel crowded and untidy, but finding adequate storage can be difficult. With divan beds, you can enjoy an abundance of storage without taking up any additional space.
  • Ottoman Beds – Ottomans, much like divan beds, provide a lot of storage space underneath the mattress. This is ideal if you are struggling to find somewhere to store things such as books, clothes, shoes, gym equipment and luggage. These are all things that are hard to store in a small room or flat, and adding a large cupboard or wardrobe is rarely an option. Instead of having free space under your bed, you can utilise every inch with an ottoman. 

Though having a small living space or bedroom can be difficult, there are certainly ways to make the most of the space you do have. The key thing is to choose furniture that provides more than one function, and to get creative with your storage options.



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