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Shire beds – made in the United Kingdom – exclusive to MyPad
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Shire beds – made in the United Kingdom – exclusive to MyPad

Shire Beds is becoming a strong, desirable, must-have brand. The quality offering, in line with eco-design principles, has elevated the Shire Beds brand to number 1 in the bed market.

The Ravello and Capri ranges are hand-side-stitched, tufted, pocket-sprung ranges. With the option of personalising with own-brand labelling and POS, it has seen huge take-up. The bestselling Artisan Range - particularly the Picasso, a cool blue gel encapsulated product - continues to lead the market in the encapsulated sector, while the NBF Product of the Year Signature Collection of luxury, high-count pocket spring mattresses, maintains good sales as an award-winning product.

Whilst most products have eco-design principles at their heart, Shire Beds' EverLife range goes further, being made from recycled products and recyclable at the end of its life. EverLife by Shire Beds offers comfort that feels good and does good.

Sustainable products often come at a significantly higher price point, yet Shire says it understands that, in challenging elonomic circumstances, doing good should not incur a price. 

Shire Beds believes in the circular economy model as a vital element to protecting the planet. The business employs ethical and sustainable practices and processes in its manufacturing and, in line with this, has attained FSC certification as a company, and signed the NBF Pledge for Our Planet, to further its sustainability journey. 

Shire Beds' EverLife sustainable range saves bottles from going to landfill and polluting the earth's oceans. The range combines comfort and sustainability to give a restful night's sleep. EverLife soft-touch sustainable fabric is made of 76% upcycled plastic bottles, is 95% recyclable at the end of the mattress" life and also uses eco-clean, chemical-free FR, says Shire.



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