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Nectar Hybrid Pro Mattress

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Mattress Size: Small Double

The Hybrid Pro mattress, which is expertly manufactured in the UK, has eight layers of plush fillings for a cloud-like feeling of ease.

The EcoLay Foundation, which gives the Hybrid Pro mattress a solid base, comes first. This layer is made to support you as you sleep from foam that has been entirely recycled and redesigned.

A Nectatex Layer follows. Natural graphite has been mixed into this cutting-edge open cell technology, giving it 30 times the breathability of regular memory foam.

The Nectar Pocket Spring layer follows. This system, which is made of a large number of tightly pocket springs, is designed to adjust to your position as you sleep in order to maximise spinal alignment and lessen the likelihood that you would wake up with aches and pains.

The layers of Nectasmart Memory Foam are positioned on top of the posture-improving springs. Because of the excellent ventilation provided by these two highly aerated foam layers, the mattress is more breathable overall than other mattresses. One layer is a higher density than the other, perfectly complimenting the springs underneath and the softer layers above.  With this technology, heat will be pushed out of the way while you sleep. In the winter, the open cell structure will trap pockets of body heat to keep you warm.

These layers were then topped by another spring layer added by Nectar. Instead of the supporting springs found further down in the mattress, this Nectacoil HD spring has thousands extra springs that help to promote comfort and weight distribution.

Finally, Nectar added a thick layer of Nectatex Foam to the top of its Hybrid Pro mattress. This wonderfully soft foam has a cloud-like feel to it. Supremely luxurious and absolutely unique to Nectar.

The cover of this Nectar mattress is extremely tactile and wonderfully soft. This cover, which can be removed and cleaned, is intended to remove extra heat and moisture. This fabric is also copper-infused, which promotes blood flow and has various additional health advantages.

The Hybrid Pro mattress is single sided, so it won't need to be turned, but to extend the life of your mattress, we strongly advise rotating it sometimes, especially in the first few weeks after delivery.

  • Single L 190 x W 90 x D 24 cm
  • Small double L 190 x W 120 x D 24 cm
  • Double L 190 x W 135 x D 24 cm
  • King Size L 198 x W 150 x D 24 cm
  • Super King L 198 x W 180 x D 24 cm