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Nectar Hybrid Luxe Mattress

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Mattress Size: Small Double

The Nectar Hybrid Luxe Mattress ticks all the right boxes if you're searching for the highest support and comfort, while still being environmentally conscious. This luxurious mattress combines the greatest aspects of hybrid memory foam mattress innovation and micro-spring technology to provide everything you need for the kind of sleep you'd expect from a 5* luxury hotel.

The targeted support and cushioning for people with back pains will help them feel better thanks to the reduction of pressure points. In order to have as little of an effect as possible on the environment, the Nectar Hybrid Luxe mattress only uses premium materials obtained from the world's top sources and has been verified as being 100 percent carbon neutral.

With regard to memory foam, the Nectar mattress line is renowned for its superior quality. While the "Nectar Smart Memory Foam" layer in the Nectar Hybrid Luxe Mattress is known for its exceptional comfort levels, it also provides focused support. Whatever sleeping position you pick, the foam adapts to every movement, relieving pressure points and maintaining spinal alignment throughout the night. Hundreds of microsprings create a layer of weight-distributing support, responding to changes in body position and pressure to provide customised support to the areas that require it most. These microsprings are as well as the larger pocket springs at the core of this mattress, which provide the posture enhancing support.

Layers of wool, silk, and cashmere elevate this mattress' already extraordinary level of luxury. Used for their natural softness, breathability and eco-friendly attributes, these natural fillings allow the Hybrid Luxe mattress to provide a luxuriously soft, cloud-like feel.

Natural graphite is mixed into this cutting-edge open cell technology, giving it 30 times the breathability of regular memory foam. This mattress was scientifically designed with hundreds of tightly coiled springs to adapt to your sleeping position while you sleep to maximise spinal alignment and assist lessen waking up with aches and pains.

The washable cool cover is the ideal finishing touch for the Hybrid Luxe mattress. providing a softer resting surface, assisting in the circulation of fresh air, and ensuring that you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The Hybrid Luxe mattress is single-sided, so it won't need to be turned, although rotating the mattress on a regular basis will help it last longer (especially in the first few weeks after delivery).

  • Single L 190 x W 90 x D 24 cm
  • Small double L 190 x W 120 x D 24 cm
  • Double L 190 x W 135 x D 24 cm
  • King Size L 198 x W 150 x D 24 cm
  • Super King L 198 x W 180 x D 24 cm