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Nectar Classic Plus Mattress

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Mattress Size: Small Double

EcoLay Foundations Layer
Nectar's support layer is at the base of the mattress, made from 100% recycled and repurposed foam. The material protecting the base layer is designed to keep your mattress in place so it can't shift around in your bed frame.

Nectasmart™ Dynamic Support Layer
Exclusive to Nectar, the Nectasmart Dynamic Support Layer comprises thousands of individually-moving springs encased in their own fabric pocket. Because they move independently, the mattress surface can move to the contours of your body and adapt to how you sleep. The Nectar Classic Plus offers firm support, best designed for those who prefer to sleep on their back or stomach as this tension promotes healthy spinal alignment when in these positions.

Nectatex™ Foam
Another material entirely exclusive to Nectar is their Nectatex Foam. Standard memory foam is known for its intense heat retention properties due to its structure, however, Nectatex combats this problem due to its open-cell structure that allows for enhanced breathability. Infused with graphite, the foam will regulate your temperature all night long as it wicks away excess moisture and promotes cool airflow throughout the mattress. By comparison to memory foam, Nectatex is thirty times more breathable.

Nectasmart™ Premium Memory Foam
Accentuating the temperature-regulating properties of the Nectatex foam, the Nectasmart Premium Memory Foam Layer is designed to provide optimum pressure relief for your joints and promote healthy spine alignment. Ensuring you receive the comfort you deserve at night, you can rely on the Nectar Classic Plus to ensure body-moulding comfort all night long.

Cooling, Washable Cover
Keep your mattress fresh with Nectar's removable cooling cover. The fibres used in the cover are engineered to underscore the heat-wicking, temperature-regulating qualities of the entire mattress. What's more, the softness of the fibres will help you fall asleep much quicker too.

  • Single L 190 x W 90 x D 24 cm
  • Small double L 190 x W 120 x D 24 cm
  • Double L 190 x W 135 x D 24 cm
  • King Size L 198 x W 150 x D 24 cm
  • Super King L 198 x W 180 x D 24 cm