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Choose a better mattress for a better nights sleep
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Choose a better mattress for a better nights sleep

Nectar is made in the heart of Derbyshire, a region with over 300 years of British manufacturing experience. 

Having won several Which Best buy awards this mattress also comes with a 365 day sleep trial. 365-night sleep trial period. If you don’t like it, you can return it for free within that full year and get a full refund

With high standards and premium materials, you can sleep easy knowing your mattress is made by the experts. 

The Nectar will be delivered to your door compressed in a box, we will unwrap it and set it up

Nectar is a memory foam mattress and embodies many of the traits these beds are famous for: a contouring and slow-sinking feel. But it also strives to excel in areas that memory foam mattresses often lack, especially support and cooling. That’s why the Nectar is equipped with a cooling gel-infused foam comfort layer, as well as high-density foam for support.

This mattress is a bed-in-a-box, so it is delivered compressed in a package to your doorstep. 

Cover – The Nectar’s mattress cover is a cooling cover made from a quilted polyester/nylon blend. It features heat wicking technology and a soft, breathable feel.

Comfort Layer – The top layer of the Nectar is made of two inches of gel memory foam. This foam is more cooling than traditional memory foam, but still has a very contouring feel. You’ll experience some deep compression support through this layer.

Transition Layer – Next up is a 3-inch layer of what Nectar calls dynamically adjusting foam. This foam adds bounce and helps prevent the sleeper from sinking all the way through the memory foam to the firm base layer.

Base Layer – Lastly is a base support layer made of seven inches of high-density foam. This layer provides the mattress with some nice support and helps keep the sleeper from sinking too far into the mattress.

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